Right now, hundreds of our neighbors are experiencing homelessness

Homelessness may be caused by a variety of situations, including job loss, inability to recover from hurricane damage, mental and physical disabilities, addictions, changes in family such as divorce, death of a spouse, loss of primary wage owner, or medical conditions. 

Brunswick is the only city in the state of Georgia where over half of the households earn less than $25,000 a year, and 39% of the city-limit residents are below the poverty line. Brunswick’s poverty rate is three times the national average (12.8%) and more than twice that of the state as a whole. Any unpredicted economic upset can leave a vulnerable adult or family on the streets.


Unsheltered Homeless


Chronically Homeless


Reported Mental Illness

Why Hand in Hand of Glynn?

Caring for one homeless individual costs the community $40,000 per year

But when our neighbors have a home, they spend less time in:
Police Custody

Hand in Hand's 60 Tiny Homes will save our community $1,680,000/year

Research shows housing an individual in permanent supportive housing costs about $12,000/year per individual housed with the added advantage that the beneficiary receives services to help them leave homelessness behind for ever.
Step 1 – Housing
Step 2. Support
Step 3. Community

Support Our Program

Our residents have permanent homes, a supportive community, and the help they need to avoid a return to life on the streets. 

Hand in Hand of Glynn lowers the public costs associated with crisis services such as shelters, hospitals, jails, and prisons.

Help your neighbors achieve independence and dignity.

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