Tiny Homes, the first step to a life of dignity

Hand in Hand of Glynn has built 60 one-bedroom “tiny homes” on a property that formerly housed Altama Presbyterian Church on Altama Avenue.

The tiny homes form a gated village surrounding the community building on the 4.25-acre parcel.

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Permanent Supportive Housing

Our residents will have permanent homes, a supportive community, and the help they need to avoid a return to life on the streets.

On-Site Medical Services

Hand in Hand of Glynn will have an onsite clinic for physical, psychological, dental, and care for our residents.

Community Garden

Residents will grow some of their own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Nutrition classes and cooking classes will be offered. 


Our property will be fenced and gated to keep unwanted elements out.


Our ADA-compliant homes and facilities will serve all our residents regardless of abilities.


We'll offer life-skill classes, substance abuse recovery, employment readiness, education and financial literacy in order to ensure long-term success and stability

Centrally Located

Our residents will live near a grocery store, a drug store, and a number of possible local employers.

Tiny-but-Mighty Homes

Each tiny house will be a one bedroom unit with a porch. The interiors of each unit will include:
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bathroom with Shower
  • Bedroom
  • Sitting Area

Community Center

The Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and classrooms of the existing church building will be repurposed for use as a Community Center for our residents and neighbors.
  • Community Room
  • Kitchen & Food Pantry
  • Medical Services
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Library & Reading Room
  • Computer Room
  • Office for Executive Director

Donate to Hand in Hand of Glynn

As we build homes for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.
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