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Progress Update | June 2022

We write you today with exciting news! Hand in Hand of Glynn, Inc. has now matched the incredibly generous and forward-facing $200,000 “matching grant” from Jeanne Kauffman and her husband, Roger, which initiated our Endowment Fund, called ” The Hand in Hand of Glynn Fund”.

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Progress Update | May 2022

There are so many daily happenings at Hand in Hand of Glynn, Inc. that we thought it a good idea to send an update highlighting a few of the activities and accomplishments since our 2020 Annual Report went out to you in January.

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Correll to be honored for philanthropic endeavors

Pete Correll’s legacy in Brunswick has been cemented with his generosity over the years.

A Brunswick native, Correll served as the CEO and chairman of the board of Georgia-Pacific from 1993-2005.

A successful businessman, Correll has supported the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia, College of Coastal Georgia, and most recently Hand in Hand of Glynn, where the Correll Family Foundation has…

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Hand in Hand of Glynn: Our Journey (Video)

Our founder Anne Stembler shares Hand in Hand of Glynn’s mission and journey to help our neighbors in Glynn County experiencing chronic homelessness.

In this video, Anne Stembler shares details about Hand in Hand of Glynn’s programs, construction updates, and information about the services we will provide to help our residents live a life of dignity.

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Hand in Hand of Glynn Construction Update

Thanks to your incredible support, we are making progress in the construction of our tiny-homes community!
We have 6 houses under construction and hope to speed up the process and have 20 to 30 by year-end. We should have 3 tiny homes completed by the end of April.

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